Vaping Ban’s in New Zealand – What are your thoughts?

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    Scott White
    With all the changes that were set into motion this year, we are approaching more changes that will curve the way us as vapers will live our live.

    The latest being the ban on vaping in particular environments and vaping being aligned with smoking.
    For the most part the changes are totally valid and are set in place to protect those who aren’t in the scene from being exposed to it also ensuring that the youth of our nation aren’t exposed aswell.

    As we have always said “education is the most important aspect we should be focussing on as well as the correct support for people”, this has always been our point of reaction and action in the debate over “how to correctly deal with vaping future” but unfortunately when certain organizations focus on misinformation, our platform to educate with proper success, gets lower and lower.
    I think it should have been a givin that vaping and smoking shouldn’t be done around schools and community shared areas, if not out of respect then out of common sense.
    This not only for the benefit of others but also to help create a positive image in the public arena rather than fuel the fires of those who oppose.

    What are your thoughts on the matter?

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