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Vaping FAQ10

Vaping is using an e-cigarette or other device (e.g. mod, vape pen or pod system) to heat a flavoured liquid until it turns to vapour. By inhaling and exhaling the vapor, you simulate the act of smoking

Vaping liquid – also called e-liquid or vape juice – usually contains nicotine. When you buy e-liquid, you can choose its nicotine concentration. Most companies also make nicotine-free e-liquid for those who would rather vape without nicotine.

No. E-cigarettes and e-liquids are for adults only. If you are under 18, you can’t buy vaping products – even products without nicotine.

Public health officials disagree as to whether it is acceptable to claim that vaping is a viable option for quitting smoking. There is no shortage of anecdotal evidence to support that notion, however, as millions of smokers around the world have already switched fully from smoking to vaping.

No. Vaping is an alternative form of nicotine consumption for adult smokers who can’t or won’t quit. If you don’t smoke, you should not vape – not even without nicotine. Among researchers and public health officials, the general consensus is that switching fully to vaping can present less of a risk to your health if you are a smoker. Between the options of vaping or not using nicotine at all, though, the safer option is not to vape. Please do not vape if you aren’t already a smoker.

E-liquid makers create their products using the same food-grade flavors available to companies in the snack and beverage industries. With that in mind, an e-liquid can taste like almost anything you can imagine, whether it’s a fruit, a candy, a dessert, or a drink. You can also find e-liquids that include menthol. It isn’t possible to create an e-liquid that tastes like cigarette smoke, but you can find products that offer very convincing tobacco flavors.

If you use e-liquid with nicotine, vaping delivers the nicotine to the bloodstream through the lungs. In that sense, it feels similar to smoking in ways that other forms of nicotine replacement do not. In addition, the “throat hit” that the nicotine creates when you inhale the vapour feels much the same as the sensation that you experience when you inhale cigarette smoke.

To get started with vaping, you need a vaping device and e-liquid. If you’re new to vaping, you’ll usually have the best experience if you buy a small device such as a cigarette-shaped “cigalike” or a pod-based vaping system. That’s because smaller devices tend to be easier to use and because those devices are designed for a mouth-to-lung inhaling style that smokers will find familiar. The mouth-to-lung inhaling style creates a “throat hit” that feels reminiscent of smoking. Larger vaping devices with glass tanks are usually optimized for a direct-to-lung inhaling style that isn’t ideal for beginning vapers.

New vapers can generally expect to have the best possible experience with a small vaping device and a high nicotine strength of at least 18 mg/ml. If you use a pod-based vaping device, the nicotine strength of the pods may be as high as 50 mg/ml. That may seem like a very high nicotine strength, but new vapers generally find that a higher nicotine strength greatly helps when it comes to reducing cravings for cigarettes.

To have a great experience as a new vaper, there are four important points that you need to keep in mind. If you don’t like your first experience with vaping, the problem probably comes down to one of these four root causes.

  • If you’re new to vaping, you should generally use a small vaping device because small devices are designed to give you a satisfying mouth-to-lung vaping experience. If you have a device with a large glass tank and a wide mouthpiece, your device is designed for direct-to-lung inhaling. That’s not the preferred inhaling style if you’re looking for a vaping setup that feels like smoking.

  • The nicotine strength of your e-liquid must be appropriate for your needs. For new vapers – assuming that you’re using a small device like a pod system – a high nicotine strength around 50 mg/ml is usually right. If you experience throat irritation when vaping or simply feel like you’re getting too much nicotine, your nicotine strength is too high. If your cigarette cravings never subside – even if you vape constantly – your nicotine strength is too low.

  • You may not like the flavour of your e-liquid. Most of the world’s vapers do not use tobacco-flavoured e-liquids because a tobacco e-liquid doesn’t taste like a cigarette. Most people prefer e-liquids that taste like fruits, candies, desserts and beverages because those e-liquids taste much more like their real-life counterparts. There are hundreds of different e-liquid flavours in the world today, and there is definitely a flavour out there that’s perfect for you. Keep experimenting until you find it.

  • You can’t inhale as firmly when vaping as you do when smoking a cigarette. If you use too much air pressure when vaping, your vaping device will gurgle and may even spit e-liquid into your mouth. Inhale with slow, gentle puffs to get the biggest and most satisfying clouds. If you have a vaping device with a puff sensor and an indicator light, inhale only as firmly as necessary to make the light turn on. If you find your vaping experience unsatisfying, you may need to use a higher nicotine strength.